Sunday, November 6, 2011

Waiting on a Train

This will be a short entry, but I just had to share something that made me smile Friday morning while waiting on the Light Rail train.

As I was standing there, I saw some movement below me along the tracks. As I watched, a field mouse appeared from a small pile of leaves. I then heard the chitter of the tracks, the prelude to the train arriving at the station. This clearly panicked the mouse and I watched as it scurried along trying to decide which way to exit, across the tracks or up the side of the platform wall.

I silently urged it to choose the platform wall, and was relieved when it did. The diminutive creature climbed up and over the edge, sighted the landscaped beds lining the outer edges of the platform and dashed for the closest one. I mutely cheered it on.

What really made me giggle, was the reaction of two people at the back of the line next to mine. The mouse, in it's haste, did not care if it ran toward the human hedge on it's way to the cover of the real thing, so it did. The woman jumping didn't  surprise me, it was the well over six foot tall man, who leapt higher, that put the grin on my face.

Hope your weekend has been a good one.


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Pamela Smerker Designs said...

Awesome! Love those little things in life that put a smile on your face.